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Counselor & Therapist in Glastonbury, CT

Parveen Vohra, Counseling Therapist Glastonbury CT

Your Problems Do Not Define You, 

Only Your Actions Do!!

Know when to ask for therapist help, 

so you do not feel trapped by your issues!

Counseling Can Help

Life is hard, and things don’t always go according to plan. When that happens, sometimes we are able to adapt, and sometimes we aren’t, and it’s completely alright if we aren’t. No one is perfect, so we can't be expected to be able to handle everything on our own every single time. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling a little too stressed, sad, anxious, or anything in between.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you overwhelmed by too much work and feel like there is no way to let the pressure out?
  • Have you lost interest in things you used to hold dear?
  • Have you recently suffered a trauma, and can’t get over it?
  • Are your friends and family concerned about you?
  • Have you been depending on alcohol or drugs to cope?
  • Are you and your significant other growing apart, and you don’t know what to do about it?
  • Do you just need someone to talk to?

We all suffer trauma and hardship at some point in our life. And trauma doesn’t necessarily mean a big incident that has left you scarred. It can also mean little things that accumulate and affect you deeply, such as being verbally bullied. You might also feel very anxious, as if you simply cannot unwind. Everything feels intense and your system just cannot take it easy, even if it needs to or you want to.

Perhaps you just need someone to talk to, but you feel that you don’t have anyone. Our emotions can sometimes engulf us, and while that’s not usually bad, it can harm us if these emotions are negative and manifest in such a way that we cannot get rid of them. If you’ve ever felt like this, it might be time for you to seek help.

Some people think counselling is only for those with serious mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anger management issues, etc. This is far from true. While counseling does exist for such purposes, it is not only limited to that. You could simply need to blow off some steam and rant to someone, and that alone would give you a good enough reason to look for a therapist to talk to.

You might also think that therapy is a waste of money, time, etc. because it is mostly common sense, and you can talk to a good friend, but you would be incorrect. We humans are irrational sometimes and more often than not we cannot control our urges. How many times have you said you would do something, only to put it off again and again and again? And the problem with talking to a good friend is, there is a high chance they will unknowingly say something that will discourage you and make you feel worse. That is why it is important to know when you need psychotherapy. Only a professional will truly be able to help you with certainty, because they know how you feel and know how to navigate your emotions to help you feel better, and thus do better in life.

If you read the above and felt like that was you, it might be time for you to look for psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy sounds like a sketchy word, but all it means is that psychological means are used to help you instead of medical means. In a way, it simply means that you will be doing a lot of talking. However, it is important that you find the right therapist to counsel you, because not being in tune with your therapist might not be a great thing for you.

Parveen Vohra is a professional counselor in Glastonbury and she can help you.

She is a therapist who has been helping patients with a number of mental health problems for over a decade now. She will help you grow, develop, and leave any issues you have behind. She is kind and nurturing, and she can help you with any of the following problems: trauma, self-esteem, depression, relationship problems, life changes, grief and loss, substance abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, among many other issues. She caters specifically to you and only to your needs, and helps you gain insight so you can slowly and sustainably resolve any problems you have, and eventually help you grow as a human being. But you might think, is counseling really worth it?

The answer is, it is.

Psychotherapy helps you overcome any existing issues, and can also help alleviate any that might come in the future:

  • It enables you to deal with stress properly and in a way that doesn’t harm you.
  • It helps you depend on yourself, not on someone or something else.
  • It can allow you to improve existing relationships and make newer ones more easily.
  • It can help you feel like yourself again.
  • It can help you cope with any diseases or disorders you have.
  • You can learn to understand yourself better, as well as better manage your emotions.
  • You learn to take responsibility for your own actions, and also how to deal with them.
  • You feel less stressed and learn to manage stress more effectively.


Just imagine feeling these things. Just imagine feeling complete. Just imagine being at one with yourself. Imagine feeling the way you did before the things that bother you happened. Just imagine inner peace and resolve. Just imagine being able to relax and be completely satisfied, despite all the bad and stressful things in life. Just imagine being happy again, for once.

It doesn’t matter who you are, because therapy is available for everyone. Do not feel that you are weak for seeking it, because you are not. In fact, you are much stronger because you do not deny yourself the help you need. You are strong, and you deserve to be happy again.

Let Parveen guide you through whatever you are going through and help you emerge as yourself again. Never be discouraged by what others think. If you feel you could use some help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

It’s never too late for you to seek therapy. Contact Parveen to make an appointment, so you can leave all your troubles behind and rediscover yourself!

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